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Firm Structure Changes

There are six primary categories of Name Changes and Changes in Firm Structure that are identified for Peer Review Program purposes and may impact a firm’s peer review year end (and peer review history). When a firm has a change in name or structure, it must complete and submit to NEPR a Peer Review Change Form which can be requested by emailing peerreview@nepr.org.

Changes that require completion of the Peer Review Change Form include:

  • Firm Name Change
  • Firm Dissolution (A&A Partner Leaving Firm)
  • Firm Merger
  • Firm Purchase
  • Firm Sale
  • Job Class Changes or Change in Employment

The form does not need to be completed when:

  • A staff member in a firm becomes a partner and the firm name does not change.
  • A partner joins a firm and does not bring A&A clients to the new firm.

Once NEPR receives the completed form, we determine the impact to the firm’s peer review on a case by case basis using the appropriate guidance approved by the Peer Review Board.