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Become a Reviewer

Would You Like to Stand Out Among Your Peers?

As a Peer Reviewer, you will not only contribute to the improvement of quality and standards for your industry, but also receive many ancillary benefits including:

  • recognition as an expert in your field among your peers.
  • identification of best industry practices which can be applied at your firm.
  • an opportunity to sharpen your own skills and reinforce your accounting and auditing knowledge.
  • the potential for referrals for additional services.
  • the development of an additional profit center for your firm.

If you answered “yes” to even one of those questions then NOW is the perfect time to become a peer reviewer!

become a reviewerWhy is now a good time to become a peer reviewer?

As the early “pioneers” of peer reviewers begin to retire, the pool of qualified peer reviewers has been steadily shrinking, creating a demand for your skills in this important professional program.

What are some of the benefits of being a peer reviewer?

Being a peer reviewer opens doors to incredible opportunities. Peer review services will enhance your knowledge of professional standards. In addition, your work as a peer reviewer will enable you to provide better service to your own clients by offering a venue to observe and understand the best techniques of other accounting firms.

When you become a peer reviewer, you will gain valuable knowledge, expertise and exposure and quickly earn the respect of your peers. Performing peer reviews also provides members with a way to “give back to the profession.”

Another potential benefit of being a system-qualified peer reviewer is the opportunity to serve on the NEPR committee and/or Report Acceptance Body (appointments are made by your respective state societies).

What are the requirements for becoming a peer reviewer?

To become a team captain on system reviews or a peer reviewer on engagement reviews, an AICPA member must:

  • Meet all of the reviewer requirements
  • Complete the the initial reviewer training
  • Complete the online reviewer resume form in PRISM